Golden Goose Sneakers Hi Star Glittery Star Laminated Heel Tab


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Hi Star sneakers with glittery star and laminated heel tab

We have taken an iconic design, the Superstar, and updated it to create a new classic. Hi Stars feature a special platform sole obtained using double foxing: decorated with hand-written lettering, they affirm our hand-crafting approach. Style with glittery GGDB star and pink laminated heel tab.

Item No. G35WS945.G9
Main material: 97% cowhide leather, 2% PVC, 1% cotton
Lining: 60% cowhide leather, 40% cotton
Sole: 100% ethylene-vinyl acetate
Glittery GGDB star
Hand-written lettering along the edge of the foxing
Pink laminated heel tab
Vintage finish